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LEAD Moline HelpDesk

LEAD Moline stands for Limitless Engagement, Amazing Discoveries and is built around these three objectives:

Personalized Learning 21st Century Skills Greater Access
  • A personal connection to material through student interest
  • Ownership of rigorous and relevant learning
  • Self-directed and paced learning opportunities
  • Ability to think critically and creatively on relevant issues
  • Enhanced communication and collaboration
  • Better prepared for college and careers through technology literacy skills
  • Greater access to digital resources
  • Access to education beyond the school day
  • Access to tolls to engage in innovative and creative learning possibilities and experiences

LEAD Moline is the product of a technology committee that met over the course of two school years.   This committee's purpose was to address the following questions:

#1 - What will LEAD Moline do for teaching and learning?

  • Provide students more access to technology.
  • Better access to educational resources.
  • More opportunities to integrate 21st century learning into the classroom.
  • More opportunities for personalized learning.
  • Create ties directly to the Operational Plan. 

#2 - What will LEAD Moline cost?

  • We gathered current student counts per grade level.
  • We decided on the best device that will meet our students' needs.
  • We determined what training will be required. 
  • We analyzed ways this can sustained and evaluated. 

#3 - How do we implement LEAD Moline?

  • We started first with out proposal and defined our goals. 
    • Focus our investment on people, not hardware.
    • Emphasize professional development.
    • Remain device agnostic.
    • Tied to the Operational Plan
  • We designed a phased approach that allows us to learn form the mistakes of the previous phase. 

#4 How do we positively communicate LEAD Moline?

  • We must enhance a positive culture surrounding LEAD Moline by clearly communicating:
    • Purpose and goals
    • Expectations
    • Policy and procedure