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Directions to Woodrow Wilson Middle School

Illinois At-A-Glance School Report Card for Woodrow Wilson Middle School

Sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade students attend Wilson Middle School. Approximately 850 students attend our school. Wilson's school colors are gold and black, and our mascot is the Wildcat.

Wilson is divided into teams, two in each grade, and are identified by school colors (6 Black, 6 Gold, 7 Black, 7 Gold, 8 Black, and 8 Gold).

Each team has a core of teachers that teach social studies, science, English/language arts, and math. Six classes are offered outside of the teams and these are referred to as the Rotational classes (computer, music, health and wellness, art, career and consumer exploration, and industrial technology).

Students also take physical education and have an enrichment/intervention class to round out their eight period day. The E/I class has several purposes. Some students are assigned to Choir, Band, and Orchestra during their E/I class. Some students may use the time for RtI (Response to Intervention) academic help. Still, others are assigned to a study hall allowing them extra time to do work during the school day.

The school schedule is 8-45 minute periods per day (42-minute periods on Wednesday to allow for the early-out teachers' meetings). There are 3 minutes passing time between classes. Students have a 35-minute lunch during either 5th or 6th-period class. 

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